Trailblazers endorsement of Munn for County Legislature

Trailblazers PAC, the non-partisan pro-transparency organization founded by former State Senate candidate Leslie Danks Burke, today announced its endorsement of five candidates seeking local office across New York State including Kristofer Munn for Dutchess County District 20 (Red Hook) Legislator.

Trailblazers PAC considers candidates running at the county level or below in New York or Pennsylvania who stand for honest government by fully disclosing all their campaign finances (far beyond the state regulations), and who make themselves accountable to their own voters by raising a portion of campaign funds from at least 1% of the voting households within their own districts. The Trailblazers PAC endorsement recognizes exceptional candidates who demonstrably commit to continued transparency once in office.

In addition to direct contributions to endorsed candidates, Trailblazers PAC provides candidate and supporter training programs that have had over 500 attendees at a dozen workshops across New York and Pennsylvania in the past eight months.

“I’m honored to receive the Trailblazers PAC endorsement. My work as our community newspaper before my candidacy has proven invaluable in teaching me about our community and proving my desire for honest, open and transparent government at all levels,” said Munn.

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