Domestic Partnerships come to Dutchess

In a long-overdue move, the Dutchess County Legislature has finally approved the creation of a Domestic Partner registry by the County Clerk.

Originally proposed by Democrats (and blocked by Republicans) over 15 years ago, the registry enables two adults to legally acknowledge their connection, allowing better access to their loved ones in the hospital, next-of-kin benefits, health insurance, and tax benefits.

“The lack of a domestic partnership registry was a significant hurdle during COVID as many Dutchess citizens were prevented from seeing their loved ones in the hospital or making important medical decisions for lack of legal standing,” said Legislator Kristofer Munn. “I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation.”

The registry has only gained importance with recent developments at the national level.

“Republicans have made it clear they want to ban gay marriage and abortion nationwide should they come to power, and the MAGA-majority on the US Supreme Court has signaled their willingness to go along with it,” said Munn. “This registry will provide a fallback position should that worst-case scenario come to pass… assuming the GOP doesn’t ban registries as well.”

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