Micki Strawinski supports Kris Munn for County Legislature

I’ve known Micki for quite awhile now and watched her serve on the Town Board and now in the County Legislature as the minority leader. She has been an outspoken advocate for the people of Red Hook and Tivoli. When I heard she was considering not running again, I urged her to stay on. But once she had made her final decision, I decided to run.

Attending the meetings and learning how it all works, I gained valuable insights into the process so I can hit the ground running as an effective representative in 2018. Thank you Micki for your help in getting up to speed and I hope you will continue to advise me in the future.

As the current Dutchess County Legislator for District 20 – Red Hook, I wholeheartedly support the candidacy of Kris Munn. His commitment to the Red Hook Community is unquestionable and his knowledge about county government is impressive. We will all be well served when we elect Kris Munn for Dutchess County Legislature! – Micki Strawinski, Minority Leader, Dutchess County Legislature, Red Hook