County Jobs: Motor Equipment Operator – Apply by March 23

Dutchess County’s Department of Public Works, Highway Division is looking to hire a Motor Equipment Operator with a salary of $38,180:

Employees in this class perform routine manual duties in connection with the operation of motor equipment of up to moderate complexity. Specific directions are received from a superior, but employees are responsible for the safe and economical operation of their equipment on assigned tasks. Stuff like: Operates a truck in connection with the removal of snow, debris and refuse and the transportation of stone, sand, asphalt and other materials and supplies; Drives workers to and from jobs; Operates a snow plow, sander, roadside mower, water wagon, Loader, sweepers, small excavators and utility vehicles; May operate an air compressor in the breaking of pavements, and a chain saw in clearing brush and trimming trees; Performs manual labor such as loading trucks, digging ditches, cleaning basins, erecting signs and fences

If you’re interested in the position or know somebody who might be, please click here to read more about it and other jobs available with the county.

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