County announces cancellation of Tivoli / Red Hook bus service

As of March 30, 2024, Dutchess County Transit plans to end bus service to Red Hook and Tivoli, terminating the Route C line at TOPS supermarket in Rhinebeck.

The official announcement by the county was made last Friday.

A public forum will be held on Thursday, December 14, at 6 pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall to hear from the public on the proposed changes. Many local officials in Red Hook and Tivoli – myself included – plan to attend to oppose the change, and we would love to have local residents who oppose this change join us.

The changes were brought forward as a “done deal” during the budget process, where the cuts were referred to as “efficiencies” to expand coverage in other areas with more ridership. There had been no indication that the county was considering route changes before they were presented.

Dutchess County should be investing more in public transit, not cutting routes. When it is $25M for luxury clubhouses at Dutchess Stadium, no problem. But maintaining (or expanding) public transit? Not enough money.

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