Munn votes NO as legislature votes 13-12 to hike elected official salaries

On Monday, June 10, the Dutchess County Legislature voted 13-12 to provide 12.5% raises to county-wide electeds and 6% raises for county legislators, passing a resolution put forward by Chairman Gregg Pulver (R-Pine Plains).

When asked on Thursday how the 3% per year number was arrived at despite inflation being below 2%, Chairman Pulver admitted that “The 3% number came up quite frankly because we’re now giving a county-wide elected official a 3% salary [increase] next year and the year after which would be the comptroller. We voted two years ago to raise the comptroller’s salary… So that’s where the 3% came from.”

“There is no reason cited for the amount of the raises aside from the fact that they gave the comptroller that raise back in 2017 and there haven’t been raises in awhile,” said Legislator Kristofer Munn. “I would want to see a cross-county comparison on total compensation before considering raises.”

Current compensation packages including medical, insurance, pension contribution, car allowance:

  • County Executive: $191,973.41
  • Sheriff: $182,113.20
  • County Clerk: $149,558.87
  • County Comptroller: $126,526.53

“I only regret we did not have one more vote to oppose this baseless measure,” said Munn.

Like term limits and his local law to weaken disclosure rules, Pulver put forward the salary legislation without any warning or discussion across the aisle.

Salary increases will take effect beginning January 1, 2020.

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