There are no food shortages. Buy sensibly.

There are no food shortages. The US generates a HUGE amount of food and exports tons of it. While there are concerns about some specialty medications and definitely a shortage of medical equipment, masks and gowns for hospitals, the supply chain for food continues to operate. It is our healthcare system that is most at risk.

There could certainly be disruptions in stuff we get from overseas like some out-of-season fruits and vegetables, electronics and chemicals but I lived thru my childhood without year-round access to watermelons and cantaloupes and I’ll survive this too.

There are temporary “out of stock” items because of overbuying and hoarding. Stores restock and are cleaned out immediately by people who saw the empty shelves and are there at the opening.

The supply chains are intact for just about everything, especially stuff produced in the US like meat, chicken and paper products like toilet paper (produced from US/Canadian trees and factories). Just about every common product you see missing in the stores is because other people have bought it out and more is on the way. Factories will not expand production dramatically to make up for this because people are still going to use the same amount of toilet paper and all those people who stocked up won’t be buying for weeks or months.

Please buy sensibly and be considerate.

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