Al Bulay and his Trumpy horde put the lie in Lyceum

As we all know, the extreme right has no problem standing behind people with offensive views – after all, we just lived through four years of Trump. And now they have a new hero: Al Bulay!

The horde of Bulay apologists (and mostly just lots of people who just like to attack Democrats) continue to howl and writhe and take to their fainting couches because people dared speak ill of their wealthy popcorn patron who has donated thousands of dollars to Trump-supporting PACs and Republican candidates. Local right-wing media outlets have joined them.

Strangely, the thing that seems to bother them the most is that I have dared to start a GoFundMe to raise money to defend myself against this pointless lawsuit.

But they’re also spreading a lie that I created “fake websites” to impersonate the movie theaters or some other nonsense along those lines.

So let’s take a look at one of the sites that they are pretending “impersonated” a theater (this is from one of Bulay’s exhibits in the lawsuit):

Could anyone in their right mind arrive at that website where the first word is BOYCOTT and think it is the movie theater site? No. Is the site even TRYING to pretend to be a movie theater site? Nothing about movies, movie times, not even an address for the theater. As I’ve said before: absurd. And if it was true, he’d be suing me for that. But they’re not.

Each site had a domain name using the name of the theater or a variation on the name, very different than the domains used by the theaters. Obviously, that’s how you make things easier to find on Google and the internet – you use words or names related to the topic. Nobody else had registered the domains. Al Bulay didn’t think they were important enough to register and nobody else was using them so I did.

Again, nobody was being tricked into anything here and anybody who says otherwise is just making things up.

This case is about freedom of speech and the right of people to express their opinions free from lawsuits and intimidation.

Don’t fall for the right-wing trickery as they try to defend their wealthy patron, a man who has used his businesses to advance Republican candidates and causes and enforce conservative values.

Thank you again to everyone who has reached out and offered their support. It has been great to hear from you and I greatly appreciate it. The fight against hate and fascism continues…

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